Thursday, November 11, 2010

It's not my jeans that make me look fat... (but I still think the dryer has it in for me)

I hate my jeans.

More specifically, I hate how I look in my jeans. 

And of course I'm making this statement right at the start of the holiday season.  The "you know you're going  to gain at least 10 pounds" holiday season, brought to you in part by Halloween candy, Thanksgiving dinner, Thanksgiving dinner leftovers, Christmas cookies, holiday parties, Christmas Eve dinner, Christmas Day dinner and all of the "I-don't-feel-like-cooking-cuz-I'm-out-late-shopping-so-I'll-just-grab-a-quick-something-at-the-mall" dinners the next couple of months bring.  So the fact that I can tell I put on a few extra pounds these last couple of months combined with what's coming right at me like a freight train equals "double ick" on the comfort in denim scale.

So it's time to lace up the shoes and start hitting the pavement again....time to go for a run.

Actually, I enjoy running.  Personally, I'm a big fan of the outdoor running.  I'm not one of those who can jump on a treadmill and go for the same 2-3 miles that I could if I was outside.  I like to see the scenery pass by.  I like to feel the sun on my face and feel the breeze.  I also like the quick swerve that I have to make when I come across an idiot bicyclist who insists on riding on the sidewalk instead of the pavement.  Or making sure I yield to the car making a right turn while blocking the entire crosswalk because heaven knows the driver will never see me coming at him with his neck craned to the left checking oncoming traffic.  But I digress; the blog about running etiquette will come at a later time.  

Anyway, after several months in hiatus, my running shoes are out, dusted off, and back in use as I prepare for my first event in three years.  I'm running a Thanksgiving Day Turkey Trot. 

For those of you unfamiliar with a Turkey Trot, it works like this...basically, you get your lazy butt out of bed nice and early on Thanksgiving Day, meet up with a few thousand of your closest friends, and run or walk a distance anywhere from 5k to 10k in an effort to get your metabolism cranked up just enough to help offset all the food you're planning on eating later.  Or, you get up and go for a pleasant little jog because the proceeds go to charity, you're a nice person, a running aficionado, or just like to do healthy things regardless of your daily caloric intake. 

So I've almost completed my first week of training for the race....(mind you, I use the term "race" very loosely here...there's no way I'm expecting to be able to remotely compete with anyone other than my shadow in this thing...(and even then, my shadow will probably cross the finish line first)...and I have to say that I feel pretty good about the whole thing, so far.  Despite the fact that I love to go running, my knees don't always share the same exuberance for the sport as I do (I have been known to blow out the occasional knee when I get all crazy with training and racing and such).  The only real downside is that I have to get up early to get in my training--since it's too dark when I get home from work to run.  And let me tell you...the hardest part of this new training routine is not the mile to mile and a half run along uneven pavement, it's the hour less sleep I get each morning.  And trust me, this girl needs all the beauty sleep she can get!!

I am excited about running in this Turkey Trot, however.  First, I've always wanted to do one.  Next, I really enjoy the race day atmosphere.  Standing around before the gun goes off--huddling together for warmth (because no matter what time of year the race is, you'll always be out there on the coldest day in weeks)--trying to keep your muscles limber despite standing around for an hour before the race starts just so all participants are lined up and ready to go; it actually is a lot of fun.  It's almost a kind of a party-feeling atmosphere, except with Gatorade and water instead of beer.  On the upside, you don't have to get dressed up or do your makeup.  Course you are a little tired, out of breath and achy after the run is over...but then again, there are parties that will make you feel that exact same way.  Hmm, maybe I go to the wrong parties...??

So there it is...the desire to fit into my jeans again has resulted in getting up earlier, running and training for a new race.  And ok...I may have cut out an adult beverage or two a day to help encourage the weight loss along.  And MAYBE I've also started keeping a better eye on what I'm eating--maybe not "Super Sizing" quite as much.  But truth be told, even after just one week, I am starting to feel a little thinner.  I may not be able to see it yet...but between the running and everything else, I think I may actually finish this race, eat my way through the holiday season and still fit into my clothes.  So if you're looking for a way to battle those last few pounds or maybe just find a reason to get an early start to your Thanksgiving Day for a good cause and with a little fresh air (before being cooped up with your family for the rest of the afternoon), I highly encourage you to locate your local Turkey Trot and start training now.  Thanksgiving is only 2 weeks from today.  You can do it!

And just think, if all else fails, there's always the new Twinkie Diet !! 

We can start it right after the New Year's Day brunch.