Wednesday, August 11, 2010

New York Day 3 (or...can I be declared a semi-local yet??)

Day 3 in New York...and still an absolutely amazing city.  Although I have to admit, the "new-ness" of the town apparently wore off, since I found myself sleeping in today until 9am.  Wow!  Guess I can't burn that candle at both ends anymore.  One end, maybe.  But both....??? 

Today was actually a relatively light day.  I planned to leave for home right around early I had the better half of the day to fill...but I have to admit that I was just about "walked out" of the city.  So since I was right down the road from Broadway....why not take in a show??

Now, this was not the first "Broadway musical" that I've seen....but it was the first that I actually saw "on Broadway".  And let me tell you...if you haven't seen simply must!  Not only a fabulous story line, but the music and the stage were simply breathtaking.  And although I've seen Phantom of the Opera, Les Miserables and a variety of other productions in other theaters...I couldn't help but notice that the sound, staging and acting were just a shade better quality than what I've experienced elsewhere.  Was it the theater itself?  Was it the show?  Or was it just being in New York? may have to decide for yourself.

So needless to say, the theater took up most all of the time I had left in New York today.  Not much left to do afterwards but grab the luggage from the hotel and haul butt over to the bus.  Let's see....I've walked all of midtown, took a tour bus through the lower part of the island, caught the subway back up to Times Square...wait....what's left?

Oh yeah...gotta catch one of those New York cabs!!

And let me just cab driver Eugene...YOU ROCK!  Seriously.  15 blocks in 3 minutes.  Who knew that was even possible at 5:30 in the afternoon!!!!

And so that brings me pretty much to the end of my New York escapade.  The bus showed up to bring me back home...

And 3 hours later, there I was.

Now, DC is not a city that is to be taken lightly, by any means.  But I have to I exited the Metro, off the escalator, I did find it to be a lot quieter than I remember.  Not quite as many people hustling about--trying to get from one place to the next.  Not nearly as many cars out on the streets.  And where was my symphony of car horns honking?  I'd hate to admit it....but it might just be too quiet here for me now!!! 

Then again.....maybe not. 

We'll see what tomorrow brings....