Friday, November 26, 2010

But what are you REALLY thankful for.....???

So it's the day after Thanksgiving.  My refrigerator is still packed with leftovers (despite having turkey quiche, stuffing omelets, mashed potato pancakes and cranberry juice for breakfast)...and I'm catching up on all the good Facebook news from yesterday.  As I read about all of the things that everyone is thankful for in their lives, I realize that...while I too am thankful for my family, friends, good health, job, etc.; there are also a few things that I didn't stop to be thankful for yesterday.  And while you may find them a bit the end you may find yourself adding to the list...

1) The hot water that comes out of my shower head every morning
You can take my car, you can take my bed, you can even take away my morning cup of joe.  But if I don't have hot water to shower with each morning, I am an extremely cranky woman.  There is just nothing better in the morning than that steaming, hot shower to wake me up and get me going.  Thank you, gas company, for keeping my water hot and thank you water company, for keepin' it comin' out of the pipes.

2) The "low gas" indicator in my car
Can't tell you how many times that thing has saved my butt. often do you look at the gas indicator to see how low on fuel you are?  If that annoying beep/ding/bell/whatever didn't go off a few times, I'd have found myself on a long hike to the gas station on several different occasions.  So thank you Nissan/Lexus/Toyota/Honda/Volkswagen/Ford for that nifty little device.  My feet are grateful.

3) The "Not So Little" people
In my readings on Facebook today, there was a quote from someone about supporting high school dropouts, for if not for them who would make their Big Mac's...  While I found that amusing (since I used to work at McDonald's) also made me think.  I really am thankful for the people who do the jobs that I myself would not necessarily set out to pursue (sewage treatment, chicken farmer, gynecologist/proctologist).  It may sound very "Dirty Jobs"...but if you look at all the jobs around you that really make the world work...and how many of them really aren't your own personal cup of tea...THOSE are the people we should truly be thankful for.

4) Junk Food
Oreos, Gummy Bears, Pop Tarts...where would my stress level be without these little gems helping to calm the savage soul?  I mean, it could really be a lot worse on my co-workers if I didn't have that secret stash of sugary goodness hiding in my desk drawer, ready to bring my mood back into the "manageable" range on those exceedingly difficult days.  And on the opposite end of that rainbow...where would all the diet and exercise equipment companies be without my eating all of the aforementioned junk food in mass quantities?  I'd never be out there buying everything I can to work all that extra weight off without them either.  Everyone wins!!!

5) Credit Cards
I am so thankful that during those times of need...when my bank account is well below where it should be and I find myself in dire need chicken wings...that the little plastic card in my wallet can provide me with that which I desire.  It's a wonderful thing to be able to have no cash on hand, yet walk up to the cashier and say, "credit, please."    What I'm not thankful for, however, is that annoying bill that comes at the end of the month.  Gotta start figuring away outta that one....

6) Cops (the TV show)
I'm thankful that my occasional encounters with law enforcement have not ended up on an episode of Cops...and yet thankful for that the people that do because it somehow makes us all feel better about ourselves.

and finally....

7) Facebook
Seriously, I love y'all dearly...but there are just not enough hours in a day for me to keep up with all of your lives and goings-ons.  Facebook can really keep me informed on the happenings surrounding friends and family.  And, in cases like this, can provide me with more than enough fuel for the blogger fire.

I hope all of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  Enjoy the leftovers.  Have fun fighting the Black Friday crowds and remember to thank those frazzled salespeople, Starbucks baristas, and bathroom janitors who are all working hard to make that shopping experience a more enjoyable one. 

The woman fighting you for that last 32" TV that's on sale at Target,'re on your own.