Friday, June 24, 2011

A Letter

Dear Me:

It's time for a chat.

You've been hanging around now for about 38+ years.  I figure that's just about enough time for you to have figured some stuff out, but still leaving you with enough time to learn a few more French.  Or how to rebuild the engine of a 67 Mustang.  Or how to make the perfect souffle.  You've been a few places, seen a few things, had quite a few adventures.  All in all, you've had a pretty good run so far.

But lately it seems as though you've been on the cusp of a change; and I've noticed that it's freaking you out a little bit.  You're starting to wonder if you're getting "old"...wondering why it is you can't keep up with your younger self any longer.  You swear you don't feel old - but yet...there's this nagging feeling in the back of your mind..."maybe I am...??"   Well guess what.  You ARE getting older you nit....but that doesn't mean you have to BE old.  So before you go out and buy a walker, fill your wardrobe with polyester pantsuits and start looking forward to the early-bird special at the buffet, it's time for a little self reflection with a few simple truths:

1) No, it's not your imagination...your hair really is turning gray.  But you found the first one at age somehow this is a surprise to you??

2) No, you will never have the body of a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model.  Doesn't mean you have to quit trying, though. 

3) Meanwhile...yes, your metabolism may slowing down - but only in direct proportion to how slow you are in getting up off your ass to go hit the gym.  Those slices of pizza you wolf down and figure you'll just "work off later"...yeah, lemme tell you something.  With you..."later" doesn't come naturally; so think long and hard about that next slice.

4) It's not really that last drink that does you's numbers 1 through 10 prior.

5) You really have done some pretty awesome shit in your life.

5.1) You really have done some pretty awful shit in your life.

6) Up until now you've done a pretty good job of not getting hung up on the whole age really should keep it up.

7) You do some things well, others - not so much.  That's just how it is.  So be thankful for your strengths and either get crackin' on your weaknesses, or quit whining. 

8) You have good family and friends - you really should call or write to them more often.

9) You probably will never fully learn French - but you should not give up on the idea of moving to Paris.

10)  There really is such a thing as owning too many handbags.

There you go.  A small dose of reality right smack upside the head, reminding you that yes things are changing - but it really isn't as bad as you think it is.  You need to realize that you really aren't the same person you were 1, 5, 10 or 15 years ago...that time and experiences have changed you.  And that it really is OK to adapt to those changes; just don't look at it so negatively.  So maybe you can't finish off a Scorpion from the Kon Tiki room...doesn't mean you can't still split it with friends.   Like 10 or so nowadays....

So the next time you start moping around wondering "what am I doing with my life...what's happened to me", just accept that things are changing...but what matters is what you do with it.  Because you can either sit around and feel sorry for yourself, or get up and learn how to deal with it before "Life - Part Deux" fires up.

Hey look...French.  There's hope for you yet.