Saturday, November 17, 2012

Forty Days of Fabulous - Footloose and Fancy Free

Today's "Forty Days of Fabulous" item continues with something from the "My Mother Would Be So Proud" pile.  It's something I've always been a little curious about trying, but have just never had the courage to actually go and attempt.  For me, it's always been a combination of simply never feeling physically fit enough to think I could do it - and the simple fact this particular task demands a certain level of cajones to throw on those F.M. heels hiding in the inner depths of one's closet (you know...that pair you bought STRICTLY as part of a Halloween costume one year....) and actually grab hold of a pole and learn how to work it.  But hey...if thousands of women putting themselves through med school can do it...why can't little 'ole me?

That's right.  I learned how to pole dance tonight.

Now after you get all those dirty little thoughts out of your mind - I'll tell you that this particular party not only took place at a studio that teaches these classes daily, but also that the proceeds all went to charity; so it's not like I hopped on over to the nearest gentleman's club on amateur night or anything.   

The whole experience was absolutely fabulous from start to finish. Our party consisted of 9 other women with ages ranging from around 21 to about 50.  We were greeted with pink champagne, chocolate covered strawberries, cranked up music, and a large room with lots of poles.

Our instructor was awesome.  Once we got over our inital nervousness at what we were about to do, she started us off with a number of simple steps - such as how to "walk the pole", the "cricket", and how to "stand and deliver"; followed by a few spins around the pole - such as the "tango" and the "fireman spin".   She then got us working through a few more challenging maneuvers, amped up the music even more, and strutted us through our own personal 3 minute routine.  Woo hoo!

Now while I admit we all were having a great time laughing and learning - I also have to tell you that this was quite the workout.  Our instructor had us bending and twisting and holding up our own weight up in ways that I'm pretty sure none of us ever did prior to this evening - much less in 3" heels!  At one point, one of the instructors ran through her own routine (y' show us what a few simple lessons could do) - and I'd swear it was like watching a Cirque du Soleil performance.  She exuded such strength, flexibility, and grace.  I realized at that moment that if you take away the seedy connotations, stage names, strobe lights and the drunk patrons; this really is a dance style that rivals any other for its athleticism and it's form (sorry guys, hope that didn't kill it for ya). 

The evening continued on with more music, laughing, and strutting until a few hours later we were all danced out and the evening came to an end.  I never really thought I would ever have the guts to learn to pole dance - but that's what is so cool about this list; it's forcing me to break out of my own little comfort bubble and experience new things.  I drove home knowing that I'm bound to have some sore muscles tomorrow, but I also found a little strut in my step I never quite knew was there.

And after tonight, Nick is all about supporting my higher education fund.