Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Permits, Pre-nups, and Potato Chips

It's been a busy week. 

Work continues on the start up of my new business. So far I've visited three different cities in order to get 3 different permits for one small business; and I'm still not done yet.  But despite dealing with various government agencies, it's actually gone rather smoothly.  I'm nearly done on the paperwork end - just a few more steps and then I'm ready to open for business.  Open for business - what a thought.  I find myself on this emotional roller coaster of excitement, anticipation, and sheer terror.  On the one hand I can't wait to see where this goes, I have huge dreams and I'm curious to see how many will come to fruition; on the other hand, I have huge dreams and although I'm trying to keep a loose grip on reality, I'd be lying if I didn't admit to a fear of failure.  I never knew just how much work starting a business entails.  I mean, I've run offices before, but they were already established; I just had to show up and make sure everything kept running relatively smoothly.  Packaging, website design, logos, promoting, financing, insurance, what's going out, what's not coming in - you can see my dilemma, exciting but overwhelming.  I'm trying very hard to concentrate on enjoying the process and not getting ahead of myself.  Baby steps...just continue to take baby steps.  Which, considering some of the lines I'm standing in, is about all I can take anyway. 

So the wedding bells you hear ringing in the background are now officially 8 months away.  We have settled on April 4th as our wedding date - at a location yet to be determined.  Like any reasonable couple we've started discussing the terms and conditions of our upcoming life together.  For example, it seems perfectly reasonable that I get to call "not it" whenever it comes to puppy pick-up patrol (not to exceed more than 3 times consecutively in a given week).  Nick, in turn, can ask for Beef Wellington whenever he wants (not to exceed more than once a month, and it's a use or lose basis - so no saving up so he gets a week worth of Wellington).  Who says it has to all be about cash and real estate?

And remember these little gems I found online a few months back?

Well thanks to those fabulous people at Sprouts, I finally found them this evening.  I made it as far as the truck before I opened the bag. 

The bag never made it out of the parking lot.

WHAT?  It has bacon in the title.  You expect anything less of me?

Besides, I have 8 many lines do you think I have to stand in to burn off a bag of potato chips?

Dang...I don't need that many permits.  I guess I need to schedule a trip to the DMV instead.