Thursday, May 15, 2014


So I've officially been a Mrs. for 34 days now. 

(but who's counting??)

It was an absolutely FABULOUS wedding.  The entire day was perfect.  We were surrounded by the best family and friends, the food was scrumptious, and the wine flowed, There was music and dancing and laughter and tears, the dress fit, and my makeup stayed in place.

It was the type of wedding day every girl dreams she will have. 


But anyone who knows anything about me knows that no matter how good the food or how flowing the wine, there is always that one thing that will just ever-so-slightly outrank anything else at a wedding.  Or quite possibly in life. 


I love cake. I love almost any type of cake.  Except German Chocolate, because...coconut....blegh!  But I especially ADORE wedding cake.  There are times I think cake is reason enough to have a wedding.  So of course for our wedding we had to make sure we had the right cake.  The PERFECT cake.  Which of course meant we had to....TASTE CAKE!!!

Holy geez, it's a great gig.  You go into a bakery, you tell them you're getting married, and they bring you cake.  Sometimes a few slices, sometimes a whole slew.  But there's cake, and lots of it.  So as you can assume, we did our fare share of cake tasting.  We must have visited just about every single bakery within delivery distance of the wedding venue.

So in all our travels and tastings, did we find our dream cake at any of these lovely nearby locations? 

Of course not.

As it turned out, the bakery that won our hearts (and taste buds) was 35 miles away. The cake traveled farther to attend the wedding than some of our guests!  But it was the perfect, fluffy, texture and buttery-est, creamiest, most flavorful frosting we found.  How do you say no to that? 

So after making the arrangements to get the cake its own passport, do you think we chose to have our confectionery masterpiece delivered on the big day so it was one less thing to stress about?


I present to you....the Cake Chauffeur.

Day of the wedding - 8am - we were up and in the car, fighting the remnants of LA morning rush hour traffic all for the love of the cake.  But with a little help from our good buddy caffeine, we made it on time and relatively alert.  We walked into French's Bakery and took one gigantic whiff of the sugar and flour-y perfume wafting about the bakery.  And when they brought over our cake, I couldn't help but smile and get a little misty-eyed.  The cake was beautiful; it was simple, elegant and perfect.  Despite the drive, we knew we made the right decision.

Now for the fun part.

How many of you think we chose a reasonably sized cake that would fit easily into the back seat of a vehicle??

The box literally engulfed the entire back seat of a crew-cab truck. My dear friend Victoria and I are pushed about as far against the doors as we can be without leaning out to give the cake more breathing room.

Now, I will admit, I had my doubts about our ability to do this.  35 miles of freeway, in Los Angeles traffic, with hazards and horrible conditions abound; even with Nick's excellent driving and Victoria and I holding this cake like our lives depended on it, I still feared the worst.  But an hour and a county later, we made it to Amore Vino.  And the cake....

Looked just as good as it did in the bakery.

(I told you the whole day was perfect)

And by the time we cut into it...

Sheer and utter butter cream heaven. It was worth every single mile. 

So even if you have always scoffed at the idea of getting married, do yourself a favor - just get engaged and go sample ALL of the bakeries in your code....state. 

Because trust me, if you even remotely like cake - this is the best way to spoil yourself into a food coma each and every weekend (and for FREE!!!). 

Once you've significantly stretched your fat pants to the limit, feel free to call off the engagement.

But then again, who knows.  Maybe you'll latch on the whole idea of marriage and decide to make that engagement permanent?  All you have to do next is pick a spot, get dressed, grab some flowers and invite everyone you know along for the party.  I'll even bring gifts.

Because if there's know I'll be there.