Sunday, August 8, 2010

Dependability vs. Dream-ability (or...playing with the ponies)

First off.  THANK GOD FOR PRE-SEASON FOOTBALL!!!  Even if it is the Cowboys and I have to deal with hearing "Ochocinco"'s name all night long.  Don't care...IT'S FOOTBALL!!!! 

If you are not a huge sports fan...I promise I won't go overboard here; but it's a special night tonight, so I figure you'd bear with me.  Heck, it's early enough; you may decide to curl up on the couch and catch a little gridiron action as you finish reading.  Just don't root for the Cowboys and we're golden.

So anyway....

I'm contemplating buying a new car.  Big surprise....yes, I know.  OK, well, maybe you don't know.  Brief history of Gina's the last 10 years, I've owned (or co-owned) 5 trucks, 2 SUV's, 4 sedans, a compact, a new Beetle, a hybrid (well, two technically, but one falls under the SUV category), and a jet ski. 

(DANG!  that looks like a lot when I write it out like that.  I may need therapy yet) quite possibly has come time for me to move into the "Dream Car" phase of my life.  No, this is not a mid-life crisis vehicle (otherwise, I'd be motorcycle shopping).  It's merely time for me to stop and get something fun to drive, not something I drive that I just happen to like. 

I know I want a Mustang.  I've actually wanted a Mustang for quite some time.  When I was younger and looking for my first car, I had the opportunity to purchase a 1967 Mustang hard-top, white with Pony leather.  It was gorgeous.  It was fun to drive.  And it was out of my price range.  But you never forget your first....and I've never forgotten how close I was to buying that car and how I swore one day I'd own one.

But here's the problem.  Ford Motor all their genius-ness...decided a few years ago that they were going to bring back the "Classic Mustang" look.  And wouldn't you know it, according to Motor Trend, the 2011 is the best ever.

So NOW what do I do? 

Do I go with the car that I'm going to have to start lifting weights for because it'll have no power steering?

Or do I go with the car that I'm going to have to read through an Owner's Manual to figure out (what ARE all these buttons)??

Do I go with the vehicle that has almost all of the original equipment, including the latest and greatest stereo system (oooo!!  AM/FM and cassette?)

Or do I go with the stereo system that will direct me through traffic, make my phone calls and do everything but brew coffee?

Pony Leather interior??

Or just plain 'ol run-of-the-mill leather?

The original 289, V8, 220 horsepower?

Or the 3.7 liter, 305 horsepower V6?

Do I go Classic?

Or Modern?

I think a classic would be absolutely wonderful.  Not only fun to drive, but I'd love to find a garage and be able to learn to work on it myself.  But an older car does come with a lot more maintenance and wear issues.  Parts could be harder to come by.  Insurance companies don't love the vintage vehicles like their owners do.  One accident and...Poof!  I'd be totalled out in an instant.

A new car would be effortless.  Better warranty, my insurance agent would like me more, and if something needs to be done...Poof!  Take it to the garage and have someone else do it.  But then again, someone ELSE does the work.  How much fun is that?  Why not get a little grease under the fingernails??  Why not drive something that's not exactly like the same car you pull up next to at any traffic signal?

So I'm torn.  Dependability or Dream-ability?  Classic or Modern?  Love or lust?

Where's my Magic 8 ball???

Meanwhile, I've found something while test driving cars in Virginia that I've never experienced anywhere.  On two separate occasions, two separate sales people just handed me the keys to brand new 2011 vehicles and said "OK, so drive this route and I'll see you in 20 minutes."  WHAT?  You're giving me the keys to a brand new car, filled with at least a half tank of gas and you're not going with me?  Do these people know that I drove across country in 48 hours straight?  Do they know how much distance I can put between me and the dealership in 20 minutes?  I've got a gas card.  I've got cash!

Now if I could only disable the LoJack.....