Saturday, August 7, 2010

My Latest, Greatest Job (or...what it's like to work at a brewery)

I love my new job.

Having spent years and years in a variety of working environments (office, airplanes, television studios....), unconventional is not a new concept to me.
But this, by far, is my FAVORITE work space!

I work at a BREWERY!!!!  How absolutely awesome is that!!!  And not just any brewery - Shenandoah Brewing Company is a Brew-on-Premises.  Which means not only can you come in and enjoy all the tasty goodness Shenandoah brews up (Chocolate Donut Stout anyone?), but you can also come in and make your own beer!

Double awesomeness!!

It really is a rather interesting process, by the way, brewing beer.  There's a lot more to it that even I didn't realize until I started working here.  For example...there are mathematical formulas that I need to use when it comes from converting one type of hop for another.  MATH!!  I don't remember anyone ever saying anything to me about math and beer going together (except maybe one pitcher plus 5 pitchers equals too many pitchers)!  But, there it is, clear as day, when I need to move ingredients around in a beer recipe...math.  YIKES!!  Guess I really should have paid more attention to Mrs. Maycher in high school algebra.

The people are fun.  There are the folks that come in for their first time to brew, and there are the regulars  that come in all the time to sit, have a brew and chill out.  I really enjoy getting to talk to the people when they come in.  I love hearing why each person is coming in to make whatever beer they've chosen.  For example, some are brewing for a special occasion (a wedding or such), some people are coming in because they've brewed before from home and now want to try to venture out into a bigger brew world, others brew all the time and this is just their outlet for doing it.  Some come in with an idea already of what they want their beer to taste like, others come in with a recipe they'd like to tweak, others have no idea whatsoever as to what they want to do.  But I enjoy the whole process of talking them about what they're trying to achieve and then helping them find their way to that perfect pour.  I realize that I still have a LONG way to go when it comes to what there is to know about the whole brewing process...but so far I feel like I'm off to a great start.  And the people I work with are a blast--and as we all know, having great co-workers never hurts any!!

So that was my day in a nutshell.  Wish I had more to say tonight...but I'm off in search for a hot shower.  My feet are sore, my "pouring arm" is a little achy and I smell like stale beer.
Just another day at the office!