Thursday, August 5, 2010

Hiding from Humidity

So let me just say first off that, as I knew it would, humidity sucks.  A lot.  I've really gotten used to walking everywhere or taking the Metro; it's one of the best parts of living here.  So having to get in car to drive 3 blocks because it's just too soupy to walk really stinks. 

But I was having a good hair day, and didn't want to see it completely ruined within 5 minutes of "outside time", so drive to lunch it was.  And I have to whoever designed Crystal City, God Bless you!!  Seriously.  I absolutely love that I can walk from one shopping center to another in an underground, climate controlled, air-conditioned, not-gonna-frizz-out-my-hair type of situation. 

So a good friend sent me a link for an employment opportunity today; and I have to admit, it sounds intriguing.  I'm considering applying for's something I contemplated over lunch today.  However, I realized that I'd need to update my resume.  Ironically, as I was walking (through the climate controlled, air-conditioned...well, you get the idea) back to the car, I overheard two gentlemen behind me talking...

Man 1:  "So I finally have my resume down to just two pages.  Hurt too, because there's so much good stuff I've done that I had to leave off..."

Man 2:  "I have my resume down to one line...'Been there, done that'"

I'm thinking I'm going to go with Man 2's approach.  But I'm not quite sure it'll get me the type of job I'm looking for....  And by the way, that conversation really did take place.  I love eavesdropping.  As I might have mentioned earlier (like, five or six times...), the weather was just downright nasty here.  So unfortunately, this was not a great day to go out and explore the city as I normally would on foot.  This was a day that was best spent hiding out from the humidity in a nice, air conditioned environment.  And since my liver can only take so much beer in one day, something else seemed appropriate...

Think about this...aside from those of you on bowling leagues (of which, I have the utmost respect)...when was the last time YOU went bowling just for the heck of it??  For me, it's only been about 5 weeks.  The last time I went bowling, it's possible that I absolutely demolished my opponent (you know who you are).  For someone who normally averages a "30" to suddenly be able win 3 games in a row (including a 135 to 99)...oh yeah....I ROCKED that bowling alley.  Hard!

So anyway, I go into these games thinking I'm gonna kick booty. 

And it started off well enough....first game, favor.  And then it all went downhill. 

It's quite possible I over-estimated my own abilities as a semi-professional-amateur bowler.  Yup.  That whole "30" average I'm used to...???  Right back there again.  I think the holes in the bowling alley standard ball just weren't cut to fit my fingers.  Maybe my shoes were too tight.  It's possible I slipped on the lane. 
Well, at least the bowling alley had air conditioning....right?  The whole point was to avoid the humidity. 

Which now brings me to an interesting point.  Here I was bowling at, like, 3pm on a random Thursday.  And let me tell you....there were A LOT of people there, hanging out, bowling, drinking, whatever.  WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE...and don't they have jobs???

(I'm purposely disregarding my current employment situation here)

I have to imagine that these people are not here to pick up on someone...because seriously, do these shoes scream sexy??

Well....maybe they do. I do have cute ankles...HA!!!!

So that's today's adventure.

Course, it turns out that the other way to completely hide from the humidity is just to let Mother Nature do her thing and dump about 3 to 4 inches of rain on you in about 30 minutes...

So thanks for joining me today....we'll see what tomorrow brings....