Friday, February 25, 2011

Shouldn't two 50 degree weather days equal one 100 degree weather day?

I think I accidentally woke up in the wrong city.

I was pretty sure I fell asleep in Southern California last night.  Y'know....sunny and 70 degrees Southern California; "It never rains in California"...Mamas and The Papas type of Southern California.  So imagine my surprise when I woke up this morning to not only to rain on the roadways, but temps in the low 40s!!!  What is going on around here??   I hear it's supposed to snow in parts of the region this weekend--the snow level is predicted to be around 1000 feet.  Spanky, my Siberian Cabana boy, and I were headed up to visit friends in Valencia--but I hear now that we may need chains, parka and/or a sled dog team to get there.

OK...maybe not an entire team of dogs.  Maybe just the chains.

Truthfully, I've always been one of those people that doesn't like the cold. And unfortunately, I'm also one of those people who is ALWAYS cold. Seriously. If it's anything cooler than 80 degrees in the shade, I'm bundled up in long sleeves and jeans and toting around a hoodie just in case. I totally envy the girls that can wear those cute little sleeveless tops or shorts or (brrrrrr) flip flops everywhere they go. I just cannot do it. I will freeze before I even get to the car. I've tried everything to "warm up" to the idea of wearing that type of fashion....but I just can't do it. I can't even go to the beach without bundling up. A bikini?...HA!...Forget it. Even if had the confidence to strut that stuff, I'd be in the car, sitting in front of the heater because as soon as that ocean breeze hit me...well, let me just say that the skin on a Tysons chicken would feel more inviting.

It does seem like it's been an odd "winter" around these here parts.  I just don't remember this much rain and chill last year 'bout this time.  And when I lived in San Diego, I know that it was rainy and cold in January...but again, I just don't remember it carrying on for quite so long.  Meanwhile, don't even try to tell me this is part of that so-called global warming conspiracy.  To me, the term "Global Warming" would indicate that I should be going to work in a bikini....not 15 layers of long underwear.  It's probably warmer where the icebergs are melting than in my own living room right about now.  I'm thinking about a trade.  The penguins can move in to the one bedroom in Venice and I'll wait out the cold spell on a chunk of ice drifting towards the tropics until this crazy weather pattern passes.

Cold weather can be a blessing and a curse.  On the one hand, it makes you want to stay home--which then inspires me to want to clean, wash laundry, or finish one of half a dozen other chores that I never want to do because the weather is too nice to be inside all day for.  On the other hand, cold days during the week give me absolutely no inspiration to go to work--or then work--or do anything other than count the minutes until I can drive home, put on the comfy clothes and curl up under the blankets. 

Oh well, there's my rant through chattering teeth and numb fingers.  Not a whole lot I can do about the weather except crank up the heat and pile on the layers. 

And then wait for my bank account to melt when the gas bill comes.


Maybe summer will be back next week.