Thursday, July 9, 2015

Domino's Tail


i'm domino.

hang on...gotta get used to this picture taking thingey...


there we go. 

hello!  i'm domino.  mom usually writes on this box with the little buttons, but i overheard her talking about how she had nothing to write, so i thought i would help out. 

so today you get to learn all!

and what is more interesting than dog?  nothing.  not even smelly cats - despite what the interwebs thinks.

so anyway.  i've been with my people since i was puppy. they're very good to me.  this is where we do our sleeping and eating....

oh wait.  hang on...

that's better.

so this is home.  it's nice.  there are always tasty things to eat and play with.  things that mom and dad call "dragon" are my favorite. 

dragon makes fun noises and is good to chew on.  sometimes mom and dad take the dragon and make me chase after it.  i keep bringing it back to them as a gift, but they toss it away and i have to chase it again.  this gets somewhat annoying, so i'll take it into one of the smaller places and lay down.  eventually they get the hint and leave me and dragon alone for quality chew time. 

people.  sometimes it's tough to train them.

sometimes i leave home and go to the outside.

the outside is nice.  there are lots of smells for me to enjoy.  apparently there are other dogs that think the outside is theirs.  i have to keep letting them know this is my outside.  you'd think they would learn.

unfortunately it's not just dogs that think the outside is theirs.  there are other things out here...furry, purring, annoying things. 

i see them off in the distance....lurking....lounging around like the outside is all theirs.  i try to warn mom that they are bad, but she won't let me chase them. 

they do leave behind tasty presents for me to enjoy though.  mom doesn't like it when i eat the presents.  but they're so good!  if she would just try one i'm sure she would let me have more!

sometimes instead of going to the outside, we go to the pooch. 

the pooch is a fun place.  there are lots of other dogs there for me to play with.  i have lots of friends.

they wouldn't let me bring the picture takey thing inside, so i had to go on something called facebook for my pictures

there are lots of nice peoples in the pooch that play with us and keep us happy.  i like them.

my people are the best though.  they give me lots of tasty things to eat.

 they also give me lots of scratches and belly rubs.

sometimes my people confuse me.  there was the time i could see and hear mom on the tv, but she wasn't in the room. 

i was not a fan of that.

sometimes they are silly people.  they use the picture thingey a little too much. 

i don't quite understand.  do they forget what we look like?

so that's all about me.  i hope you liked my story.  if it's ok, i'm going to leave now.  have to find dragon...

maybe nap.

it's a good life.