Thursday, July 2, 2015

My iPhone's Latest and Greatest Feature

I love modern technology - specifically cell phones.  I remember when cell phones first made their way into the mainstream.  First the big briefcase phones, then the brick-like phones that you never had a handbag big enough to stuff them in.  Nowadays you don't even need a purse, your phone carries your entire life in your hand (minus lip gloss).  Our phones allow us to talk to anyone from anywhere, they'll tell you the weather, get you from point A to B, count your caloric intake for the day, or allow you to text "I'm sick" into work instead of calling, all from the comfort of the chaise lounge out by the pool.  But I think the feature I love best about phones in the modern day is the camera.  I love that I can be anywhere, see something, point and push a button.  There's no need for a separate camera to carry anymore - no need for film, developing or waiting to see if everything you snapped even came out (although that one is a little bittersweet, there was something a little fun in the wait). 

And I don't know about you, but my phone comes with the added feature I call the After Pic.  Here's how it works:  I line up a perfectly nice shot and press the magic button.  Then later when I go back into the photo folder to review or file, my phone has magically added one or two pictures immediately after the original shot was taken.  But they're not copies of the original.  They're strange, unfocused abstract shots that remind me more of a Rorschach Test than anything else..  After Pics!

Here are some of the awesome examples of the After Pic feature from my phone:

It's my guess that I was in the middle of an atomic blast inside my vehicle when this picture was taken.

I think I see a shoulder...?  Maybe my phone walked right into someone....?

Now this one I know I was at work for.  Although why I was hanging upside down off the balcony, I'm not quite sure.

Another easy one (the wagging tail is a dead giveaway).

This one?  Your guess is as good as mine.

If your phone doesn't have the awesome After Pic feature, be sure to ask about it at your nearest technologically advanced store.  It'll bring you minutes of entertainment and enjoyment...especially if you use it on a Saturday night and then spend Sunday morning trying to remember where you were in the first place!

And if the salesperson looks at you completely clueless, just snap a picture of her.