Sunday, August 5, 2012

Nick and the Ham Sandwich you ever find yourself having just one of those cravings that won't be subdued by anything else but what it is you want?

I get these types of cravings often.  However for me it usually involves Round Table Pizza, Lost Abbey Brewery's uber-tasty Red Poppy Beer or a new handbag (yes, you can actually get a craving for a new handbag).  Nick, however, doesn't get these types of cravings very often (especially the one for the handbag....go figure).  So when one does decide to creep in, it needs to be dealt with - and I (as the fabulous girlfriend that I am), am only too happy to oblige.

However...when I found myself in the middle of this craving, I wasn't quite prepared for the lengths that I'd have to go to....literally.

It was a craving for a ham sandwich.  And not just any ham sandwich. Apparently the best ham sandwich to ever grace the planet Earth.  And this was going to have to be worth the trip; because this wasn't to be found at a restaurant in a nearby food court, or even to a restaurant a few miles down the road.  This was a ham sandwich you could only get in Santa Barbara...a mere 99.3 miles away.

So...Off we went.

Now - for most people, 99+ miles is a pretty good distance to drive to begin with.  Now, factor into the equation the "y" variable that is traffic in Los Angeles County. 

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And...99.3 miles becomes a drive equivilent to a trip halfway across Texas.

But let's focus on the positives, shall we?

I have to admit that I do enjoy long drives; one of the upside of getting out of the city is always the sights.

And I know this seems like something one would get used to seeing living in SoCal - but it still amazes me to this day.  I can't help but roll down the windows and enjoy the sun on my face and the smell of the ocean.  I just don't understand why I get strange looks as we drive down the freeway -dogs can get away with their heads hanging out the window all the time...??

The other good thing about long drives - gives me plenty of time to think....sort out my problems...remind me of things I need to do....

Seriously have to call her later.

The drive continues...further from the city and closer to the sandwich...

You can almost feel the focus on the food and hear the grumbling of a stomach in the background....

Finally - we arrive!!!  Not quite the 1 hour and 49 minutes later as projected...closer to 2.5 - but again, cravings cannot be sated by anything other that that which is craved.  So we park and enter.

And although it doesn't look like much to behold from the outside; if you didn't know any better you'd blink and drive right by, Stacky's Seaside really did have a pretty mean ham sandwich (and extremely tasty crab cakes).  Just the right amount of ham - gooey melted jack was perfect, it was was....

Gone before I could take a picture of it.

Okaaaaay.  Well.  Guess that took care of THAT craving. 

So with stomachs full and boyfriend happy, we began the trek back to Los Angeles. 

All in all a lovely day, a lovely drive and an extremely tasty lunch.  It probably shouldn't amaze anyone - the length's I'd go to to satisfy cravings for me or those around me. 

Although come to think of it....there is this bar-b-que place in Kansas City I've been thinking a lot about lately....

 Better get started now...beat the Monday morning rush hour traffic....